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Looking at the player through a non traditional lens.  Psychological and physical data combined to reveal actionable insights to identify and develop eilte players.

What we do

Puckscout provides hockey scouting services based on a unique combination of psychological and the traditional physiological aspects of a hockey athlete.


How an athlete “thinks” the game.  Preparation, confidence, learning capacity, motivation and discipline are just a few traits we incorporate into our analysis.


How an athlete “feels” the game.  Emotions, confidence, mental toughness, and self-belief are parts of the equation we look at.  Puckscout can then make suggestions on how to optimize.


Many casual observers can identify an athlete with advanced skills.  Scouting 101 some would say.  It becomes Scouting 301 when combined with the additional facets Puckscout takes into consideration.

Athletes are not numbers

Hockey is a game, a game that can readily prepare a young athlete for lifes challenges outside the rink.  Our analysis not only provides physical feedback, but training reccomendations based on an athletes unique learning profile.

Athletes Scouted

Pucks to the head

unique datapoints

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

Puckscout is not for everyone.  We are currently booked through our available resources for good reason.  It takes time, sometimes years to watch a player develop and predict next level performance.  We work in conjunction with the athlete, helping them better themselves through actionable insights gathered from large data set analysis.  Suggestions…relevant to the individual.

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